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President George W. Bush 1994-2008

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Very Rare 7/8" "Red Blue and W" cello official button from Dedication of the George W. Bush Preidential Library.  Very limited distribution and not available for sale or since. Only have 1 $25  Buy Now
 Rare U.S. Government Issued Matches in Iraq to Capture Saddam Hussein
These were handed out by the US Forces to the public in Iraq offering a reward for information toward the capture of Saddam Rare!  $10  Buy Now
Limited edition of 1500 pieces. On the Republican elephant you have George Bush and Dick Cheney on either side and the Democrat donkey has John Edwards and John Kerry. They are stuffed with Polyester fiber and measure approx. 9" high and 11"long.  Cute as a button and under the heads is a count-down clock to election day and the clocks still work so you can use them to count down to the next election.
 Bush-Cheney  Elephant $35  Buy Now

 Kerry-Edwards Donkey $35  Buy Now

2001 Official Inaugural Medal for President George W. Bush.  Large official-sized medal in original box with wooden stand.  Mint unopened condition.  $35  Buy Now
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George W. Bush Campaign 2004 Memorabilia  Re-Election Buttons, Pins, Bumper Stickers & More for 2004

George W. Bush Campaign 2005 Inaugural Memorabilia  Page 1 -- Official Pens, License Plates, Inaugural Invitations, Buttons, Official Police Badges

George W. Bush Campaign 2005 Inaugural Memorabilia Page 2 --  Official Police Badges, Flags, Invitations, Inaugural Programs, Inaugural Medals


George W. Bush 2000 Campaign Buttons & More - Gov. George W. Bush for President 2000
      Page 1
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      Page 3

11-14Early George W. Bush for Gov. Buttons & More - Gov. George W. Bush early campaigns for Governor of Texas