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(It has been a tradition for the Secret Service Agents who guard the President and former Presidents to make these pins up to wear themselves and trade among the different details--none of these are common and most don't even know they exist they are so scarce).

Johnson Protective Division

Nixon Protective Division

Ford Protective Division
Official President Jimmy Carter Secret Service Pin

Carter Protective Division
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Executive Residence The White House   Official President Bill Clinton Inaugural Secret Service Pin
Official Republican Party issued "President of the United States/George W. Bush" gold pin with Presidential Seal U. D. Benefit Fund

Management & Organization Division, Secret Service

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Presidential Detective Division

Protective Division

Foreign Missions Branch

Gorgeous 2 1/4" Air Force One Lapel Pin

Air Force One Lapel Pin
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Vice Presidential Protective Detail

Vice Presidential
Protective Division

Vice Presidential
Protective Division

Vice Presidential
Protective Division

Presidential Helicopter HMX-1
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First Ladies Protective Division Silver Verison

First Ladies Protective Division Gold Verison

2007 United Nations General Assembly S.S. Protective Detail

"SS Protective Operation"
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Special Services Division
 - Version #6 Presidential Longer Limo-Larger SS Star, has Pres. Seal on door, Gold outlined

Special Services Division
 - Version #2 Presidential Limo-Star further back, no seal on door

Special Services Division
 - Version #3 Presidential Shorter Limo-black windshield, no Pres. seal on door, silver outlined

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Click on Photos for Close-Up Views

1996 Republican National Convention San Diego, SS Detail

1996 Democratic National Convention Chicago, SS Detai

1996 General Election SS Detail

2000 Republican National Convention SS Detail

President George W. Bush 2001 Trip to Asia
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1997 Presidential Inauguration

2001 Official Presidential Inauguration Salute to Vets Pin

2005 Presidential Helicopter HMX-1 Official Inauguration Lapel pin

Easter '96

July 4th '96

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