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Alf Landon Campaign Buttons
for 1936 Presidential Election
Add $4.95 Postage Per Order


LA-A   4 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" total length tall Landon and Knox license plate attachment.  Metal with raised sunflower and painted image and wording.  A classic item!
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LA-1  Different 7/8" celluloid photo pose of Alf Landon

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LA-2 Another classic sunflower design for Landon-Knox 7/8" cello.
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LA-3  Near mint 7/8" cello. by St. Louis Button Co. with original backpaper  Very rare version!
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LA-4 Very nice gold metal sunflower background with same 7/8" celluloid button
as LA-5 
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 LA-5 Impressive 7/8" cello. Landon with his VP nominee Know--also the Kansas sunflower at top.  Excellent condition
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LA-6  Classic sunflower Landon-Knox donor 7/8" cello. $50   Buy Now

LA-7  Rare 7/8" cello. by St. Louis Button Co. with original button paper, unlisted in Hake in cello. version this size! 
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LA-8   7/8" litho. Landon & Knox button
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LA-9   7/8" cello unusual "Americans Cannot be Bought" Landon sunflower, rare!
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LA-10   7/8" cello another unusual Landon sunflower with rare blue border
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 7/8" litho. button with felt sunflower backing
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LA-12  Gorgeous Alf Landon Sunflower with plastic back behind celluloid 5/8" button but little plastic flower has a little piece missing. 
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LA-13  Very unusual Landon word button 7/8" celluloid with original backpaper from New Jersey
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LA-14 First Voters League unusual 1" celluloid button
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LA-15 Landon - Knox Brass Lapel Pin 3/8 in. diameter, stamped brass, in excellent condition 
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LA-16 Gorgeous 4 1/2" wide die-cut Window Sticker in unused excellent condition $10  Buy Now

LA-17  Landon sunflower tab with elephant in center
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Unique 13" x 13" Paper Napkin for Alf Landon. 

Printed with the lyrics to a campaign song:

Prosperity will soon return
when we have banished fear...
The grand old Constitution
We will keep at any cost
With Landon for president
the battle can't be lost.

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