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Original Diecast Cufflinks Set given out in the oval office by
 President Ronald Reagan, double boxed
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Click Photo Above for Back View of Cufflinks with Ronald Reagan Signature

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Click Photo for Close-Up View
Presidential Seal Boxed Diecast Lapel Pin given out in Oval Office by  President Ronald Reagan in   $75    Buy Now


Fabulous White House Gift National Security Council Cufflinks

Presidential Eagle is in magnificent color and is surrounded by the words, "National Security Council" and below the eagle are the words "The White House".   These are new and never been worn. The National Security Council cufflinks are the hardest of all the White House cufflinks to get your hands on. These cufflinks are in a blue leather presentation box that has the Presidential Eagle stamped in gold on the inside silk lining.  The blue leather presentation is protected by the blue box that has the Presidential Seal stamped in gold on the cover.   $125  Buy Now 

CIA enameled on gold metal cufflinks in gift box $25   Buy Now

CIA 1" enameled lapel pin $14   Buy Now

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 Joint Chiefs of Staff Cufflinks

These are stunning!!!

Designed in 14k gold plating, these cufflinks have the "seal" of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In that "seal" are the words," Joint Chiefs of Staff"

These cufflinks come individually  in a plastic bag and boxed in a white jewelry box.

$40  Buy Now

Official Gift Tiebar from Vice President Dan Quayle in original gold gift box with his facsimile signature on top $75   Buy Now

Official Gift Lapel Pin from Vice President Dan Quayle in original gold box with facsimile signature on bottom of pin & box.  $75   Buy Now
Just in from the George W. Bush White House--Camp David Presidential Retreat official lapel pin (gorgeous) in official Presidential Seal topped presentation box.
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Camp David Matching Set of Cufflinks
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WH-11 White House gift stickpin for President Ronald Reagan--with Reagan's signature on reverse in gold & on the beautiful blue gift box. $85  Buy Now

Presidential keychain w/Seal and Bill Clinton's signature on THE BACK OF the key chain.   COMES IN A BLUE BOX WITH THE PRINTED presidential seal ON TOP.  THE BOX IS 3.25"X2.25"  $40  Buy Now

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WH-11a   White House Gift Cloissone Stickpin in box for Former President George H.W. Bush, mint   $75  Buy Now

N-4  Official Gift Bracelet in original box "With best wishes/Richard Nixon" on silk inside cover.  Reverse of Presidential Seal has his signature in black.  Gift given to Delegates to the 1972 GOP National Convention.
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Original Ronald Reagan White House gift tieclasp in original presentation box.  $125   Buy Now

Very nice Nixon White House Gift Full Color Version, a beauty.  It shows lots of scratches on scan but that's on scan only and not on actual bar unless under a microscope I guess.  No box $75    Buy Now
Another Nixon White House Gift gold diecast tiebar.  No Box $75    Buy Now


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